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Justice for Jerime Mitchell

Marking the 1st Anniversary

A year ago Jerime Mitchell was shot in the neck by Cedar Rapids police officer Lucas Jones. Jones stopped Mitchell, alleging that the light on his license plate was out. A struggle ensued. As Mitchell was trying to elude an attack by a police dog, Jones, saying he felt his life was in danger, shot Mitchell. Mitchell was unarmed and cooperating with the officer, as shown by police camera video, until something, after Mitchell got out of his truck as instructed by Jones, precipitated a struggle. Mitchell was paralyzed from the neck down Jones was not charged, and has since been returned to active duty. This gathering at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Cedar Rapids, was to mark the anniversary and Mitchell's birthday, November 10.


A Public Option

Democrats' Proposal to Address Iowa's Medicaid Crisis

A half-dozen Democrats gathered with a small crowd at the Marion Public Library to unveil proposed legislation aimed at addressing the on-going crisis with Medicaid. The bill was presented as restoring the state-sponsored system in place before the Branstad administration decided to put management of Medicaid in the hands of private insurers. Legislators present: Rep. John Forbes, Sen. Matt McCoy, Sen. Wally Horn, Rep. Chuck Isenhart, Rep. Art Staed, and Rep. Liz Bennett.


Cedar Rapids City Elections: 2017

Forums for Mayoral and Council Candidates

A variety of forums across the community afford citizens opportunities to learn about candidates and their views. Here's what we've been able to gather for those who have not been able to attend particular forums and for those who want to review.


Iowa Soil 2017

Cultivating Your Investment: Landowners and Stewardship

This conference was at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, at its Olmstead Center. Regardless of who owns the land or who farms it, owners and operators play a critical role in determining how the land is used and cared for and how the goals of soil and water conservation are met. Collectively the stewardship decisions made by the owners and tenants will determine how well Iowa’s farmland is sustained for future generations. This forum is designed to give stakeholders from across the state the opportunity to learn about important tools they can use to improve stewardship and to discuss what factors impact our ability to meet the goals of conservation, stewardship, and sustainability. Coordinators were Matt Russell, Resilient Agriculture Coordinator, Drake University Agricultural Law Center, and Melissa Miller, Associate Director, Iowa Water Center, Ames, Iowa.

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Iowa Water Conference, 2017

Watershed Management: Partnerships for Progress
March 22-23, 2017-Ames, Iowa

The theme of the 11th annual Iowa Water Conference, Watershed Management: Partnerships for Progress, promotes water resource management from a watershed perspective, with a particular emphasis on the partnerships necessary to accomplish goals. Improving water management on a watershed scale is a complex undertaking due to the variety and sheer number of stakeholders. Watersheds do not adhere to political jurisdictions; they often cross borders of different cities of town, counties, and in some cases, states.

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Sanitary Sewers & Flood Management

Wellington Heights and Sun Valley in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This video is extracted from the meeting of the Cedar Rapids City Council, April 25, 2017. The first 26+ minutes is of a presentation focused on conditions that led to flooding of basements in Wellington Heights, particularly in the Grande Avenue vicinity. The presenters, Dave Wallace, Sanitary Sewer Engineer, and Sand Pumphrey, Storm Water Engineer, rehearse longstanding issues with both sanitary and storm sewers, difficulties in correcting them, delays in addressing them. Many basements have been flooded several times since the “big flood” of 2008, notably following heavy rains in August 2009 and severe flash flooding in late June 2014 (See Rick Smith's article in the Gazette: Interiors of basements have been damaged, personal possessions lost, appliances replaced, and frustration increased on each occasion.

The last 20+ minutes is of a presentation by Dave Wallace on a project in the Sun Valley addition, adjacent to Indian Creek. That area floods easily and has flooded many times. After the flash flooding of 2014 public meetings were held with residents and a levee designed and constructed along Indian Creek. The sewer extension that is the focus of the presentation is a further step in flood protection for that area. The Council approved the recommendation to spend $90,000 for this further measure.

Among disasters accompanying the flash flooding in late June 2014 was damage to several homes on A and B Avenues NE, in Mound View, a companion neighborhood to Wellington Heights. Flood waters that rushed like a river down Grande Avenue made their way on 16th Street while additional water poured down 15th Street, swamping homes on A and B Avenues. The City had no funds to offer assistance to affected homeowners.

On the other hand, on October 4, 2015, the City Council voted 6-2 to buy an oft-flooded home in Sun Valley for $268,388. The home had also been flooded in 2002, damaging some 25 homes. Some 1.5 million dollars was spent to design and build a berm/levee 2013 (See Rick Smith's article in the Gazette:

Helping some flood victims but not others, pressing ahead with flood protection measures in one neighborhood while not doing what is needed in another raises concerns about the governance of our community. Public safety, public health, and elemental justice are all involved in failures to deal with infrastructure issues that perpetuate repeated flooding in the Grande/Redmond Historic District, and, indeed, throughout Wellington Heights and other neighborhoods across the City. Residents in the Grande/Redmond Historic District may need to learn from those in Sun Valley that persistence and organization are keys to getting needed flood protection.

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US Senator Joni Ernst

Town Hall Meeting

US Senator Joni Ernst responds to questions to a gathering of 1,100-1,200 noisy citizens gathered at Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Cover Crops

Iowa Learning Farms

Faculty in agriculture from Iowa State University and staff from Iowa Learning Farms talk with farmers from the area at a gathering in Central City, Iowa, about the value of cover crops and other measures that will strengthen soil and reduce nutrient runoff. Presentations and commentary by Mark Licht, Matt Helmers, Jamie Benning, Liz Juchems, and Meaghan Anderson, all associated with Iowa Learning Farms and Iowa State University.

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Understanding Transgender

Transgender is the focus of Dr. Joe Freund's address to the monthly gathering of Intersections. Intersections is a program of the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa, based in Des Moines. Intersections' luncheon gatherings on the first Friday of the month, September-June, are at 1st Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dr. Freund works at Franklin Family Practice in Des Moines.

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Presbytery of East Iowa

The Reverend Dr. Cynthia Rigby

Dr. Cynthia Rigby, Professor of Theology, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, Texas, preaches and lectures at the 175th Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of East Iowa at First Presbyterian Church, Iowa City, Iowa.

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Iowa Legislators' Listening Session

Rep. Ken Rizer & Rep. Ashley Hinson

A crowd of 175-200 gathered for conversation with Iowa Rep. Ken Rizer (Dist. 67) and Ashley Hinson (Dist. 68) at the Kirkwood Trainingand Service Center in Marion, IA.

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The Des Moines Waterworks in Jeopardy

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement convened and hosted a meeting with the Des Moines Waterworks CEO Bill Stowe and members of the its Board to discuss efforts underway in the Iowa General Assembly to dismantle the waterworks and distribute its assets among several communities. The underlying intent, according to DMWW officials, is to crush its suit of three upstream counties over pollution of rivers that provide drinking water for its ratepayers. The suit is scheduled to be tried in Sioux City, IA, in June.

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Legislative Forums 2017

League of Women Voters of Linn County

Each year a series of four forums involving members of the Iowa legislature from Linn County, Iowa, is sponsored and moderated by the Linn County League of Women Voters and held at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids.

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Sustainable City Talk

What the Science Says

Professors Craig Just and Craig Connerly, both of the University of Iowa, made presentations on making Cedar Rapids a "sustainable city" to a large crowd gathered in Whipple Auditorium, Cedar Rapids Public Library. Moderator was Eric Holthaus, Sustainability Director for the City of Cedar Rapids.

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The Solar Experience

An Introduction to Photovoltaics

I-Renew, Alliant Energy and Prairiewood Franciscan Spirituality Center join in presenting and panel to introduce concepts, current technology, and to respond to questions and comments from an audience of about 20 people. Panelists were:Paul Trieu, Lead Engineer, Moxie Solar; Chris Hoffman, Business Development, Moxie Solar; Nick Smith, Senior Product Manager, Alliant Energy; and Mike Otter, a Cedar Rapids resident who had PV installed at his property. The discussion was at Prairiewood Franciscan Spirituality Center, Hiawatha, Iowa, in late October 2016.

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Candidate Forums, Fall 2016

Linn County League of Women Voters

Election day will be here shortly. The Linn County League of Women Voters has organized a series of forums featuring candidates for the Iowa House, Linn County Supervisors, & Sheriff. If you missed them live, or if you'd like to review one or more forums, you can do so here. Each will be posted a day or so after its occurance.

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13th International Post-Keynesian Conference

University of Missouri at Kansas City

Economists from the world around gathered for three days for presentations and addresses by academic notables, well-known and copiously published, aspiring academics, and students trying out what they've learned of their craft so far for scholars whose criticisms and suggestions will help them fine tune their ideas. All of the Keynote Addresses and selected workshops are available here.

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Factory Farm Summit

Socially Responsible Agriculture Project

A gathering from across the country of advocates for a more responsible approach to agriculture than that offered by prevailing corporate agri-business hear speakers and participate in workshops focusing on issues posed for the environment, animals, and human beings by concentrated animal feed operations (CAFOs). Workshops were not recorded at the request of Summit leadership.

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Field Day: Miscanthus and Prairie Strips

Eastern Iowa Airport:

The Eastern Iowa Airport has partnered with Iowa State, Iowa Learning Farm, the University of Iowa, and others to improve water quality by planting prairie strips and a variety of miscanthus. The latter, after being harvested,is used by the University of Iowa as fuel in place of coal.

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Bakken Pipeline Protest Actions

Pilot Mound/Boone, Iowa

Protesters gathered at City Hall in Pilot Mound, Iowa, for training and preparation for an action at the Bakken construction staging area adjacent to the Boone County fairgrounds. The action was organized by Bold Iowa, Catholic Workers House, and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, all based in Des Moines.

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The Changing Face of Iowa

August 24, 2016

Dr. Mark Grey, University of Northern Iowa, in this three part video series, tells his audience of health care and other helping professionals of the changes in Iowa's population over the past 35+ years, their implications and strategies for responding to them. The event was sponsored by the Linn County Community Partnership. His presentation was at Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Minimum Wage: A Panel Discussion

August 18, 2016

A forum on raising the minimum wage in Linn County at the Cedar Rapids Public Library feature a panel composed of Ben Rogers, Chair, Linn County Board of Supervisors; Iowa Policy Project Research Director Peter Fisher; wage study group member Sofia Mehaffey restauranteur Richard Pankey. Questions from the audience were gathered by mmembers of the Linn County League of Women Voters. About 60 attended. It was telecast live by KCRG-TV 9.2. Newscaster Bruce Aune moderated.

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Infrastructure Committee: Cedar Rapids City Council

August 16, 2016

Staff reports and recommendations on waste water processing, storm and sanitary sewers, street paving, and sidewalk repair involved several millions of dollars. These expense are in addition to already unfunded flood protect projects.

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Patty Judge

Linn Phoenix Club

Patty Judge, Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate from Iowa, speaks to a gathering of the Linn Phoenix Club at the Campbell-Steele Gallery, Marion, Iowa.

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Cedar River Watershed Coalition

June 10, 2016 Meeting

The Cedar River Watershed Coalition met in Grundy Center, Iowa, at the Kling Public Library. The primary focus was the work of the Middle Cedar Partnership Project. Led by the City of Cedar Rapids, the Middle Cedar Partnership Project focuses on working with local conservation partners, farmers and landowners to install best management practices such as cover crops, nutrient management, wetlands and saturated buffers to help improve water quality, water quantity and soil health in the Cedar River Watershed. The MCPP is a response to the urgent need to address increasing concentrations of nitrates and extreme flood events in the Cedar River. Steve Hershner, Public Utilities Director for the City of Cedar Rapids is the primary contact. The Cedar River Watershed Coalition was established in 2010 with the leadership of Iowa State Senator Rob Hogg.

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The Benton/Tama Nutrient Reduction Demonstration Project

Saturated Buffers and Prairie Strips

The Benton/Tama Nutrient Reduction Demonstration Project sponsored a field day to demonstrate and discuss the uses of saturated buffers among tools available to farmers to improve the quality of water leaving their fields. Commentary by Schafbuch and representatives of the Iowa Soybean Assn. and the USDA. Staff from the Tallgrass Prairie Center show their work with prairie strips on the farm of Randy Luze near Dysart, IA. Prairie strips help combat erosion, filter water, provide habitat for pollinators and other creatures.

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U.S. Engagement: The Middle East and Refugees

Kathy Kelly and Col. Ann Wright (ret.)

Kathy Kelly and Col. Ann Wright (ret.), who both work through Voices for Creative Nonviolence, addressed an audience of about 60 at Mt. Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, on the continuing United States' military and covert involvement in the Middle East, and the U.S.'s response to the refugee crisis that it helped create. Veteran for Peace, Chapter 169 and Mt. Mercy University co-sponsored the event; Mt. Mercy hosted it.

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Water Conference 2016

Iowa State University, Ames Iowa

Each year the Water Center at ISU organizes a comprehensive conference on a range of water issues. This year's was the 10th and the most well attended.

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Special Committee to Fill a Board Vacancy

Linn County (Iowa) Board of Supervisors

A special committee of Linn County elected officials, including Joel Miller, the County Auditor; Sharon Gonzalez, County Treasurer; and Joan McCalmant, the County Recorder, met to begin a process that well result in the selection of a County Supervisor to replace 2nd District Supervisor, Linda Langston, who resigned, effective April 15, 2016. The committee chose to appoint a replacement rather than call a special election. A room-filling crowd included several who urged the appointment of Stacey Walker, one of two declared candidates. The other is Richard Hogan. Applications are being received through April 18, 2016. Apply by email to: The committee has 40 days from Langston's resignation to make the appointment.

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Legislative Forums

League of Women Voters of Linn County

State legislators of Linn County Iowa gathered for their February 2016 installment of a Q&A sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Attendance was down both for legislators and the audience. One of three Republicans appeared and five of seven Democrats. Opening questions were on minor legislative themes. Some legislators were eager for the bigger fish, e.g., education, whose budget has been stalled since the sessions beginning in January.

» February 2016

Legislators representing Linn County, Iowa, gathered in Hallagan Auditorium at Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for a monthly forum while the legislature in in session. The forum is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Linn County and the American Association of University Women.

» March 2016

Cedar Rapids City Code: Ch. 18

Historic Preservation Guidance: Feedback & A Report

A review and feedback session on Cedar Rapids' ordinance governing historic preservation at the City Services Center and a staff report on their work to date in seeking to update the ordinance.

» Feedback Session (3/8/16)

» Staff Report (3/9/16)

One-way to Two-way Streets

Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association

Plans to convert 2nd and 3rd Avenues from one-way to two-say streets is the focus of a presentation by City Public Works staff at the March monthly meeting of the Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Perspectives on Israel and Palestine: A Student Forum

A Panel Discussion

The University of Iowa's Center for Human Rights sponsored and organized a panel discussion regarding the on-going discussion of a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. Panelists: Walid Afifi, UI Communications Dept.; Ilana Rossoff, Jewish Voices for Peace; Shams Ghoneim, Muslim Public Affairs Council; and Gerald Sorokin, UI Shulman Hillel. About 50 people were in attendance, a mix of students and others from Iowa City and surrounding communities.

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Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

“Real People Ready for Real Solutions”

"Putting Families First" is the theme of this annual ICCI convention, held this year at First Christian Church in Des Moines, Iowa. In addition to more than a dozen workshops (two of which are featured here), two Democratic Presidential candidates were interviewed: Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders.

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Dakota Access, LLC, Bakken Pipeline

Dakota Access, LLC, Bakken Pipeline

A panel on the ethics of the Bakken Pipeline at UNI, an Iowa Utilities Board hearing in Boone on whether to grant emimnet domain to Dakota Access, LLC, and an Iowa Department of Natural Resources public hearing on whether to grant a permit for construction of the pipeline across sovereign lands were part of the discussion of the controversy and controversial discussion of the Bakken Pipeline proposed to run diagonally through Iowa to carry oil pumped in North Dakota to a destination in Illinois.

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Cedar Rapids City Council: Special Meeting

Complete Streets: A Review and Update

The Cedar Rapids City Council held a special meeting to discuss its Complete Streets Program. Council members heard updates from the City's Public Works staff and got a refresher on the underpinnings of the program from consultant Dan Burden. The video of the meeting has been divided into four (4) parts; in all it runs about 1:50:00.

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Iowa Utilities Board Public Hearing: Bakken Pipeline

In 16 Parts

The Iowa Utility Board held a public hearing in Boone, Iowa, regarding whether the proposed Bakken pipeline has sufficient public benefit to warrant the use of eminent domain for land through which is it to run. The hearing involved more that 210 speakers, proponents and opponents of the pipeline, each afforded two (2) minutes for presentations. The entire hearing has been posted in approximate 30 minute segments.

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The Crucifixion of Jesus? Messiah? Who Died on the Cross and Why?

Brian Daugherty

An exploration of the death of Jesus by Brian Daugherty, a member of the Baha'i faith. The presentation was at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Metro Mayoral and Council Candidate Forums

Leagues of Women Voters of Linn County

Forums for Mayoral and City Council Candidates in Cedar Rapids (City Council only); Marion, Mayor and City Council; and Hiawatha, Mayor and City Council

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Blood Moon and Eclipse

A View from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I made about 35 minutes of the September 27 Blood Moon and eclipse into a time lapse of just under two minutes. The moon kept rising, and I kept adjusting my camera.

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Ellis Rockin' Reunion

Northwest Neighbors Neighborhood Association

The Second Annual Ellis Rockin' Reunion featured four local rock bands for an anticipated crowd of 2,000. It's sponsored by the Northwest Neighbors Neighborhood Assn in Cedar Rapids—a neighborhood hard hit by the flooding of 2008.

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Climate Change: A View from Iowa

United Nations Association of Linn County (Iowa)

The United Nations Association of Linn County (Iowa) hosted a presentation and panel discussion of climate change featuring Jim Olson, Iowa UNA President; Scott Spak, University of Iowa; Neil Bernstein, Mt. Mercy University; Connie Mutel, University of Iowa; Panel Moderator, Lee Belden, UNA of Linn County.

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The Frankie House: A New Home and New Chapter

Historic Preservation in Cedar Rapids

The Frankie House is an 1880s home saved from demolition through a community-wide collaborative effort led by SaveCedarRapidsHeritage. The house was moved in mid-September from its 130 year+ location to a former garden plot just a few blocks away. This time-lapse video shows highlights.

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Bernie Sanders at Coe College

Iowa Caucuses

At the end of a long day of campaigning, Bernie Sanders speaks to a crowd of over 2000 at Coe College. Just before this speech Sanders had walked a picket line with striking workers at Penford Products.

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Iowa Policy Project: An Overview

A Living Room Conversation at Bob Rush's and Judy Whetstine's

Mike Owen, Executive Director, David Osterberg, Researcher, and Peter Fisher, Director of Research, offer an overview of IPP's work in analyzing issues and publishing results at a reception in the home of Bob Rush and Judy Whetstine.

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Brad Buck: Superintendent, Cedar Rapids Community Schools

At Linn County Democratic Central Committee Meeting

Brad Buck, recently hired superintendent of the Cedar Rapids Community School District, discusses with members of the Linn County Democratic Central Committee issues facing local schools and implications of national policies of local schools.

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Protest of the Defense of the 1st Amendment bill

At Rod Blum's office

Here's video of a demonstration led by Monica Vernon, Democratic candidate for Iowa's 1st Congressional District, in front of incumbent Rod Blum's office in downtown Cedar Rapids, protesting his support of the Defense of the 1st Amendment bill. About 50 demonstrators joined her.

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Iowa's Black Caucus in Cedar Rapids

Two meetings

Iowa's Black Caucus had two meetings in Cedar Rapids this summer: one in mid-July, the other in early August. Ako Abdul-Samad, who represents Iowa's 35th District in the Iowa House, led both sessions: the first at Paul Engle Center, 16th St and 4th Ave. SE; the second at The Bridge, 21st St. and 1st Avenue.

» July 18, 2015 » August 1, 2015

St Paul's UMC development plans

Wellington Heights Neighborhood Assn

A representative of St. Paul's United Methodist Church, 14th St. and 3rd Ave. SE, made a visual presentation with commentary followed by a Q&A at the July 14, 2015, meeting of the Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association. The church is in Wellington Heights Second and Third Avenues Historic District.

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Cedar Rapids' Medical District Presentation

Wellington Heights Neighborhood Assn

A representative of Cedar Rapids' Medical District Presentation, bounded by 8th Ave SE and A Ave NE, and 5th St SE to 10th St SE (up to 13th St at one point) made a visual presentation with commentary followed by a Q&A at the July 14, 2015, meeting of the Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association. The Medical District is on Wellington Heights western frontier.

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Cedar Rapids Flood Control System

An Overview

The Cedar Rapids City Council's Flood Control Committee received a staff report and recommendation to send to the Council a plan in final draft of a proposed Cedar River Flood Control System.

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Senator Bernie Sanders in Cedar Rapids


Vermont's Senator Bernie Sanders, a candidate for US President, spoke to a packed house at the IBEW Hall in Cedar Rapids. His focus was primarily on the inequalities of wealth and income that have emerged over the past 40 years.

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Chris Christie in Cedar Rapids

Talking but not Yet Announced

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie returns to Cedar Rapids at the Iowa Startup Accelerator between the touristy New Bo district and the Oak Hill Jackson neighborhood to make a speech to a 100+ mixed crowd of Republicans and Democrats. He has yet to announce whether he is actually running for President.

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Martin O'Malley in Mt. Vernon

Campaign Meet-and-Greet

Martin O'Malley continues his way to the Iowa Caucuses with a house meeting in the home of Nate and Maggie Willems in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. It was a rainy day, so the gathering of 120+ remained in the living room, dining room and sun room.

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March Against Monsanto

GMOs Have Got to Go!

The demonstration in Cedar Rapids protesting Monsanto's approach to agriculture was one of several across the nation. Casey Dettbarn was the organizer. The march began and ended in Sokol Park, in Czech Village, adjacent to the Cedar River, proceeded across the river via the 16th Avenue bridge into New Bohemia and back across the 12th Avenue bridge through Czech Village.

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A Queen Anne on Second Avenue

Our Historic Homes Series

One of Cedar Rapids' gracious Queen Anne-style homes gets a facelift and is on the way to getting a new roof. Habitat for Humanity's program, A Brush with Kindness, is applying a fresh coat of paint. The owner, Tamara Dallege, a widow with three teenaged boys, says she is under court order with the prospect of jail time if she does not have a new roof on her home by mid-August 2015. A church in the neighborhood is expanding. It's looking for parking. An anonymous complaint about the condition of Ms. Dallege's home. The city took her to court. She's facing contempt of court charges.

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The Prosecution of Judge Waite or How The Supreme Court Helped Corporations Steal Our Democracy

A Dramatization

It seems appropriate considering that Iowans are making their way toward quadrennial Presidential caucuses to make available once again this dramatization of issues bearing on the history of the U.S. Supreme Court's decison that, at least for purposes of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, coporations are "persons."

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Save Cedar Rapids Heritage

A Step Toward Moving the House at 1257 3rd Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Save Cedar Rapids Heritage, a Cedar Rapids historic preservation organization, collaborated with a church, a neighborhood association, a house-moving company, and the City of Cedar Rapids through its Historic Preservation Commission to save from demolition one of the early homes built in Cedar Rapids, constructed in the 1840s. This press conference was held at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Beth DeBoom is the SaveCRHeritage spokesperson.

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Legislative Forums, 2015

Linn County League of Women Voters

When the Iowa Legislature is in session, the Linn County League of Women Voters sponsors monthly forums for which members of the Linn County, Iowa, delegation are invited to form a panel and respond to questions from the audience posed by a Moderator, who is a League member.

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Long-range Planning Committee, City of Cedar Rapids

Neighborhood Development

Fifteen members of the Long-range Planning Committee, appointed by Mayor Ron Corbett—twelve men and three women—met at City Hall in the Training Room. Their discussion focused on neighborhood development.

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Cedar River Watershed Coalition: Semi-Annual Meeeting

Presentations with a Focus on What Members May Do & Encourage Others to Do

State Senator Rob Hogg, Coalition organizer, presides over welcome and greetings from Waverly Mayor Charles Infelt and Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett, three presentations on improving water management, and a discussion of what each can do in her/his community.

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Our City

Housing in Cedar Rapids

Scott Olson, a Cedar Rapids City Councillor and local real estate agent, discusses current policy on housing in Cedar Rapids, especially as it affects rental properties and nuisance housing. The presentation is part of a series sponsored by First Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids.

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Farm Day: Benton & Tama Counties

Cover Crops and Care of the Soil/Saturated Buffers

Ray Archuleta, who works for the National Resources Conservation Service(NRCS), advocates care of the soil. His focus on this day was on cover crops as a way to build and strenthen organic matter in soil. Dan Jaynes, who works for the USDA at the Agricultural Research Center in Ames, Iowa, demonstrates use of saturated buffer at a Tama/Benton Counties Farm Day in Dysart early in October. Saturated buffer is a relatively new conservation measure farmers may use to reduce nitrates and phosphorus in tiled run-off.

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Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich

A Town Hall Meeting on National Security

Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, on their way the the Occupy the World Food Prize in Des Moines, stop in Cedar Rapids for a discussion with citizens of national security. The discussion was wide-ranging, consisting largely of the pair responding to questions and comments from the audience of about seventy people gathered at the Veterans' Memorial Center. Veterans for Peace #169 hosted the gathering..

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Indian Creek Watershed Management Authority

Water Quality and Indian Creek

In the second in a series of Lunch and Learn events provided by the Indian Creek Watershed Management Authortiy, Marty St. Clair, Professor of Chemistry, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, offers an overview of issues related to the definition water quality, the achievement of cleaner water and then applies concepts to the quality of water of Indian Creek, Linn County, Iowa. (2 parts).

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Cedar Rapids City Council

Goal Setting Session

City staff lead Council members in reviewing goals for 2013 and in commenting on and amending goals for 2014.

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Senator James Webb

Linn County Phoenix Club

Senator James Webb was guest speaker at a meeting of the Linn County Phoenix Club. Webb did not run for reelection in Virginia at the end of his term in the US Senate in 2012. His presentation was at the RWDSU Hall, 526 F Avenue NW.

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Cedar Rapids City Council

The Mayor Responds to Bad Press

Ron Corbett, Mayor of Cedar Rapids, resorted to Personal Privilege to speak in response to an article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette critical of Council members comments and the attitudes they echoed at the Council meeting two weeks before. At that meeting the Council was acting upon a construction moratorium in the Greenway in northwest Cedar Rapids.

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Cedar Rapids City Council

Economic Development Initiative

The City of Cedar Rapids announced its own "economic development initiative" with a public presentation by Angelo Economics, Austin, Texas—the consulting firm retained by the City to study and make recommendations—in Whipple Auditorium at the Cedar Rapids Public Library. (3 parts).

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Indian Creek Watershed Management Authority: Lunch & Learn #1

Watersheds, Hydrology and Flooding

In the first in a series of Lunch and Learn events provided by the Indian Creek Watershed Management Authortiy, Greg Karlovits, P.E., CFM, Hydrologist, US Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District provides an overview of "hyrology for beginners," and follows up with a presentation on hydrological issues involving Indian Creek, Linn County, Iowa. The luncheon concludes with Jennifer Fencl, Environmental Services Director at the East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG), and staff for the ICWMA, leads participants in clarifying objectives for the work of the management authority. (3 parts).

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Linn County Farm Conservation Tour

July 10, 2014

The Linn County Farm Bureau, the Linn County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Linn Co-op combine efforts for a tour of conservation practices being using in Linn County as part of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Program.

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Flood Protection Committee

Quarterly Meeting

The quarterly meeting of the Flood Protection Committee at the City Services Center, 6th St at 15th Avenue SW, focused on preparations for construction of flood protection on the Cedar River. Discussions with staff and representatives of the two companies contracted to undertake the work offered very broad outlines of the course to be run over the next several years

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Mound View Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting

This monthly meeting is divided into two parts. Part One focuses on the flash flooding that affected western parts of A & B Avenues NE. The second apart is an extended discussion of the proposed move of Mission of Hope from the 1500 block of 1st Avenue SE to 1700 Avenue B NE.

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Infrastructure Committee

Monthly Meeting

Though without a quorum, Councilman Scott Olson conducts an informational meeting to hear from staff and from residents affected by flash flooding on June 30.

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Solar Works in Iowa

An Event in Cedar Rapids

This event sponsored by Iowa Climate Advocates, moderated by Iowa State Senator Rob Hogg, held at the IBEW Local 405, 1211 Wiley Blvd SW, in Cedar Rapids is on of a series of events across Iowa to encourage broader use of solar energy capabilities across the state, supported by increased state tax credits.

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1st Congressional District: Democratic Candidates

Three Events

Five candidates (all Democrats) have agreed to discuss with 1st Congressional District constituents their views of issues related to climate change; the Linn County Democratic Central Committee hosts four of the five candidates for a forum; and the Phoenix Club hosts all five candidates for presentations.

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Two programs available

Intersections is presented by Interfaith Alliance of Iowa in collaboration with First Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids. Speakers address issues of faith, polictics and society at a luncheon on the first Friday of each month at 1st Presbyterian Church, 5th St SE at 3rd Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Lunch is $10. Reservations, please: 319-364-6148.

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League of Women Voters

Mental Health Forum

A February 8, 2014 forum on mental health.

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Iowa Water Conference, 2014

Presentations and Discussion

"Making Connections, Solving Problems: Water strategies for success in a changing world" was this year's theme for the Iowa Water Conference that meets annually at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. It was held March 3-4, 2014 in the Scheman Building. Recordings of this year's conference includes six (6) plenary presentations and twenty-one workshops involving stormwater management, floodplain management, agriculture and environment.

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