Interfaith Alliance of Iowa and First Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Understanding Transgender

Transgender is the focus of Dr. Joe Freund's address to the monthly gathering of Intersections. Intersections is a program of the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa, based in Des Moines. Intersections' luncheon gatherings on the first Friday of the month, September-June, are at 1st Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dr. Freund works at Franklin Family Practice in Des Moines.

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Politics and Religious Freedom

Dennis Goldford, Professor of Political Science at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, discusses religious freedom in light of political discussions leading up to the Iowa caucuses in February 2016.

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Faith and HIV: Modernizing Iowa's HIV Law

Tami Haught, an Anti-criminalizatiion advocate for CHAIN, discusses Iowa's present law concerning HIV and changes that she believes need to be made to make the law more just.

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The Voting Rights Act: Historical Context and Political Shifts

Paul Gowder, Associate Professor, College of Law, the University of Iowa, discusses changes in the interpretation of the Voting Rights Act and implications for current elections.

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