Living Here

Sustainable City Talk

What the Science Says

Professors Craig Just and Craig Connerly, both of the University of Iowa, made presentations on making Cedar Rapids a "sustainable city" to a large crowd gathered in Whipple Auditorium, Cedar Rapids Public Library. Moderator was Eric Holthaus, Sustainability Director for the City of Cedar Rapids.

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Health Care

The Changing Face of Iowa

Dr. Mark Grey, University of Northern Iowa, in this three part video series, tells his audience of health care and other helping professionals of the changes in Iowa's population over the past 35+ years, their implications and strategies for responding to them. The event was sponsored by the Linn County Community Partnership. His presentation was at Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Master Gardners

Master Gardeners of Linn County presented a three-part series on gardening and landscaping at the Cedar Rapids Public Library. The first focused on small and ornamental gardens; the second on lawn care and development; the third on phlox.

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Faith & Politics

Intersections is presented by Interfaith Alliance of Iowa in collaboration with First Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids. Speakers address issues of faith, polictics and society at a luncheon on the first Friday of each month at 1st Presbyterian Church, 5th St SE at 3rd Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Lunch is $10. Reservations, please: 319-364-6148.

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Faith & Community Issues

Issues in Congregational and Interfaith Perspectives

First Presbyterian Church's series on Our City calls attention to issues of housing, diversity and other community issues.

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First Presbyterian Church's Fall Forum 2015 series calls attention to issues of education, poverty, immigration, diversity, media.

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Children of Abraham feature a series of presentations by interfaith leaders that seek to address both the commonalities among faith groups rooted in the Abrahamic traditions and points of difference and tension.

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The Presbytery of East Iowa often features sermons and lectures at its meetings, some by visiting scholars.

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